On The Street: Pasadena, 2016

Uncertainty, whether on the part of the observer or the observed, can be quite unsettling. At first glance, is he just another street ruffian to be sidestepped with a wide berth? Or maybe, on closer inspection, heโ€™s just another of the disaffected, artistic youth clogging up the streets looking for a better way to live their lives. Rather than scurry, along and spend their money, they stop for a moment and absorb some small form of experience, mainlining information and stimulus in a way that bygone generations just canโ€™t understand. In order to keep up with the demands for the future their parents promised them where they could all be astronauts and presidents, they had to dip themselves into the stream of life fully, and most did not come out unscarred. And when they did arise from their baptism by fire, they found a world laid to waste by those who came before, even as they lingered and vapidly displayed the trophies of their self serving capitalism. They were left with no choice but to take part, and hope they would be distracted enough to not see the end coming. 

words by: Adam Armstrong